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Every project teaches you something.

Imagine just how much we have learned in all this time.

Our values are unbreakable. That is what keeps our team working in unison throughout every discipline to deliver on thousands of private projects across the country. We rely on a start to finish process that has led us to master the art of getting it done. Because of that, we have built some of Texas’s most nationally recognized projects.


Give us your plans and we will turn them into valuable real estate.

Ask anyone who has partnered with us and they will reinforce the fact that our team has the experience to build all types of projects, from the retail space that will become the hottest local bakery in town to the most advanced medical facility around.

We are recognized as the premier contracting company in San Antonio and Austin – and not just by people in the industry. Through our own demanding dedication, our work has brought about a collection of awards and honors in construction and safety, as well as two coveted national Eagle Awards and an award for Ethics in Business.


The real reward has been to consistently deliver the highest quality work, even when working with the most challenging budgets.

Budgets and schedules get tighter and more complex over the years. METRO has learned that success comes with staying flexible enough to manage each project with finesse while staying focused on every aspect of safety and quality throughout. Our project managers take ownership of the projects they lead from start to finish, which means your project is consistently monitored through the entire process by someone who understands every unique detail.

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