ClearView™ Composite Wall System

Our innovative action that makes us the clear choice for your project.

Steve Schuetze, president and co-founder of METRO, and Davy Beicker, of Beicker Martinez Engineering, knew they were on to something when they put their heads together to find an innovative solution to one of the constructions most classic of concerns. What they discovered was a method that vastly expanded the range of sight over that of traditional tilt wall. With our patented ClearView™ Composite Wall System, our team gets to contribute beyond the role of a common contractor and take part in the aesthetics of a finished building.


What’s the difference between ClearView™ and standard tiltwall?

More glass and a bigger view — for a similar cost. With this patented technique, projects are not limited by traditional “punched” windows but enjoy walls with unobstructed views. Now, with the use of Clearview™,  buildings can offer stunning results for a similar cost.

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