Bringing the Best People to the Table

Every restaurant owner knows that the ambiance they create is as important as the food they cook, and this is not limited to fine-dining establishments. We know this because we have spent years working hand in hand with some of the top chefs and entrepreneurs in our region. Their vision can take no steps backwards and that’s why they count on our team’s experience to be that special the added ingredient that brings it to life.

Take a look at our menu to see some of the finest cuts of our work.


“Although there were other very competitive bids for the project, we heard time after time from several former Metropolitan clients that if you wanted the contractor who will deliver the highest quality product on time and within budget, Metropolitan is really the only choice. And they were right! Working with your team was effortless and efficient.  Any challenges that were incurred were quickly overcome by practical and cost-effective solutions.”

Rick Pych, President – Business Operations

Spurs Sports & Entertainment


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