METRO understands industrial projects needs.

The industrial sectors of San Antonio and Austin have one main goal for the coming years: growth. Metropolitan Contracting has the expertise to be a part of this opportunity. We are excited, because our cities are home to a diverse range of industries. We are fortunate to lend our skills and experience to projects that range from distribution warehouses to manufacturing centers. Our team brings years of knowledge to every project to keep an innovative balance between the demands of the project and the optimization of resources. Each challenge we encounter is what keeps us going – especially when we know that our work will result in big wins for our community.

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Our Tiltwall Construction work stands out above the rest.

Special projects call for a special process. You may find that our expertise with Tiltwall construction is the right choice for your project. Our experience is key in guaranteeing a successful project before the concrete is even poured, and we have sharpened our process so much that we have even earned a few patents and accolades in the process. METRO has the distinction of creating the first four-story tiltwall building in San Antonio.

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“As architects, we have continually experienced the fine quality of your work on projects. Your organization is highly organized, has an impressive depth of knowledge of the building trades and always works towards effective solutions without compromising high-quality while remaining within the budget.”

Malcolm Chesney

Chesney-Morales & Associates


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