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Nearly a century after its original construction, the “old gas station” on the corner of North Saint Mary’s and East Elmira Street was brought back to life. After being abandoned for so many years, AREA Development partnered with the CEO of Sea Island Shrimp House and METRO with the intention of turning it into a restaurant. The interior of the gas station was completely emptied with a 727-square foot extension added on the back for additional space for a total of 1,965 SF. The front of the station now has two overhead doors, that will make for an additional outdoor seating area. The banding along the top of the building is a part of the original building that remains to preserve a piece of the buildings history. The entire exterior design was centered around not only giving the building a striking new appearance but also preserving the history of the building and the community

Just behind the new restaurant shell METRO built a new 15,187 square foot two-story shell building that not only ties into the exterior of the gas station but also adds a modern flare with brick and V steel columns. The new building’s diverse use allows it to be able to accommodate any business that chooses to lease a space.


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