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San Antonio Country Club Ballroom

Founded in 1904, the San Antonio Country Club had a good problem: too many parties and not enough space. That’s why they called on Metro to help with the remodel and expansion of the old ballroom into a modern, 22,000 sq. ft. ballroom and reception area with adjacent covered porches.

Our team responded quickly to many obstacles, removing over 90-tons of unexpected structural concrete, installing 30-tons of new structural steel and reinforcing spans of 4’ deep structural beams with steel C-channel beams. We’re all about the details, and took great care in installing over 12,000 bulbs individually in 2,000 linear feet of specialty lighting.

After 9 months of tight coordination between our team and the 2,000+ owners, we
delivered a stunning cost-saving project that reflected effective construction
management composed of quality craftsmanship and finishes. All while the doors
stayed open.

In short, we delivered. And, this was on top of already successfully executing another complex challenge: remodeling the Men’s locker room. We soon found that working on a project meant for the complete relaxation of those who use it, was full of stressful situations.

First, we had to take the original construction, which was more fitting for a safe than
a steam room, and break through the CMU walls that were reinforced with steel and
6” thick concrete to replace with metal stud walls, polystyrene insulation, cement
board and a plaster finish. The new steam room now looks sharp with tiled benches,
wainscoting, attractive lighting, and a beautiful arched ceiling.

That ceiling had its own challenges. In order to replace it with a multi-purpose
structure, we addressed existing roof draining issues by adding an extra internal roof
drains, and collaborated with the superintendent, roofer, and plumber for
the creation of a new roof pitch with 5 new skylights.

With a schedule of 120 days, a less experienced firm would not likely succeed.
But our team is always ready to meet a challenge and we transformed this
remnant from the 70’s into an attractive, classic space that the club’s members will
enjoy for many more years.


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